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Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee at Williston State College is responsible for monitoring and approving proposed curriculum changes as to how they meet the needs of the mission of Williston State College. Members of the committee include a variety of stakeholders. Voting members include a faculty representative from each academic department. Non-voting members sit on the committee to provide input and share information with their departments in regards to the Curriculum meetings. 

Voting Members
Chair, Health & Wellness Department: Robert Benson
Arts & Human Sciences Department: Kyle Norris representing Lynne Raymond
Business Technology Department: Ken Quamme
Math & Sciences Department: Beverly Conway
Trades Technology Department:Ken Quamme
Student Success Center: Diane Anderson

Non-Voting Members
Vice President for Instruction 

Registrar, Director for Effectiveness 
Information Technology
Learning Commons
Distance Education

For more information, contact the Chair Robert Benson at or email the entire Curriculum Committee at


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