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Career Advising and Educational Planning

Component C Team Members

Katie Peterson* Coordinator for Extended Learning 
Kaylyn Bondy Vice President for Student Affairs
Leah Hoffman  Mental Health Counselor  
Crystal Hotchkiss Registrar, Research Analyst
Cassandra Waste Strengthening Institutions Grant & Career Pathways & Advising Support Manager

*Denotes Team Chair

 Year 3 and 4 Tasks

* Continued refinement of Virtual/Online Career Center.
*Continued expansion of use of SEP's
*Continued expansion of Career advising related activities such as seminars, workshops, guest speakers, career exploration.
*Continued expansion of use of Career Assessment and Educational Planning tools to assist undecided majors.
*Continued development of online services for distant learners. 
*Continued transition of SEP's to use by online and distant learners.
*A new thrust for the Career Advisor will be working with both faculty and external agencies/industries for the development of internships, community-based learning experiences, and service-learning opportunities. These are effective strategies to improve retention and student engagement in their learning and continuance on pathways to completion. 

For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Cassandra Waste, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at

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