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Faculty Development & High Impact Strategies

Component B Team Members

Robert Benson Associate Professor of Health Careers
Lance Olson Associate Professor of Mathematics & Science
Ken Quamme Associate Professor of Information Technology
Cassandra Waste* Strengthening Institutions Grants Manager/Executive Assistant 
Wanda Meyer Provost/Vice President for Instruction 
Kim Weismann Associate Professor of Communication & SLPA Site Program Coordinator

*Denotes Team Chair

Year 3 and 4 Tasks

* Strong emphasis on professional development and training for those teaching online courses. Expansion of use of Smarthinking for use by online students.
*Continuation and scaling-up of all professional development and integration of high impact strategies into courses. Spreading involvement across more program and departments. 
*Tracking and analysis of students as they progress through math and english course sequences by Research Assistant. 
*Faculty summer curriculum and strategies projects Team B assists with first summer Bridge as appropriate.
*Component B and faculty assist with and participate in the two-day Summer Pathways Institute. 
*A team will be appointed by the College President and chaired by the Provost to develop a comprehensive plan for traforming the Library to a modern Learning Resource Center-Implemented in Year 2. 

 For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Cassandra Waste, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at

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