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Business Office

Williston State College Business Office
1410 University Ave
Williston, ND 58801

The Business Office is the principal source of information about College procedures and reimbursement for activities performed on behalf of the College.

Capital Projects Information

Office Hours:
Monday through Friday:
8:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Phone: (701) 774-4529
Fax: (701) 774-4275
Toll Free: 1-888-863-9455, ext. 4529

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Business Office Staff Directory

Cynthia Prom, Director for Financial Services (701) 774-4259

Michelle Remus, Director for Human Resources (701) 774-4204

Shirley James, Accounts Payable Associate (701) 774-4299

Jame Rehak, Payroll Technician (701) 774-4542

Cassea Wiley, Student Finance Associate (701) 774-4550

Ruth Ballon, Accounting Specialist (701) 774-4249

Role of the Business Office:

Budget & Grants Administration

The Budget Office provides the highest level of quality and support for preparation, implementation and control of WSC's strategic planning and budgeting process in order to pursue additional financial resources on behalf of the College. The budget office takes responsibility for ensuring compliance with approved college budgets structured in support of college mission and goals.


The Payroll Office manages the College's payroll system, ensures employees are paid on time, administers tax issues and payments, and provides payroll information efficiently and accurately. The payroll office strives to be flexible, responsible and dependable.


WSC recognizes the value and potential of publishing on the Internet and so allows and encourages student clubs, staff, and faculty to publish electronic information. The campus Web is a place for access to official college information; also, the campus Web is a place to disseminate and extend knowledge and to foster members of the WSC community.


Information technology is critical to a vast array of academic and administrative enterprises. Used to facilitate innovation in teaching and learning, to inform and support daily business and administrative decisions, to provide online entry to the visual and literary riches of WSC's library, information technology provides the College's many communities with a fundamental infrastructure resource.

Campus Services

Campus Services delivers: 1. Custodial services that provide exceptionally clean and sanitary environments for students, faculty, staff, and visitors for learning, teaching, and work. 2. Engineering support for continuous, reliable operations of building systems and the campus utilities infrastructure. Services include snow removal, grounds keeping, and maintenance.