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Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate consists of eight voting members, a non-voting Staff Senate representative and a non-voting Student Senate representative. These members represent the five academic departments: Business Technology, Arts and Human Sciences, Health and Wellness, Math and Sciences, and Trades Technology. Faculty members are elected in April to serve three-year terms. Annually, Faculty Senators elect a presiding officer to serve as the faculty representative.

The Faculty Senate meets monthly from August to May and may exercise all the powers of the Faculty Council subject to the limitations the Faculty Council may impose. Additional responsibilities are to assure a current Instructional Division Policy and Procedure Manual, to act as a committee as a whole, and to ensure implementation of Faculty Council and Faculty Senate legislation.


Kim Weismann, President (Arts & Human Sciences Department)

Wendy McGinley, Vice President (Health & Wellness Department)

Mack McGillivray (Business/Trades Technology Department)

Alberto Bellina (Business/Trades Technology Department)

Derek Vander Molen (Math & Sciences Department)

Faye Krogen (Math & Sciences Department)

Richard Stenberg (Arts & Human Sciences Department)

Bob Benson (Health & Wellness Department)



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