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Faculty and Staff Directory Profiles

Office Hours

Sat/Sun: Out
Summer hours by appointment
 Susan Zimmerman  Susan Zimmerman  Professor 1410 University Avenue Stevens 101 (science wing) Williston, ND 58801 701.774.4232

Academic background:
BS in Biology from Oregon State University
MA in Cellular and Molecular Biology University California Riverside

Career history:
Teaching Assistant at UCR (Taught Genetics discussions, Genetics Lab, Microbiology Lab, Graded Medical Micro Tests and Biology 5A Labs (Freshman Cell Bio Labs)
Instructor WSC for 24 years

Job responsibilities:
Teaching Lab and Lecture classes, committees

Professional memberships, certificates, awards:
ACUBE, National Science Teachers Association, National Association of Biology Teachers,
Who's Who Among American Teachers (3 times)

Community service:
Sunday school and confirmation teacher. Secretary for Trinity Lutheran Church and The Buford Trenton Community Club. Assists area children with Science Fair Projects, conducts public outreach and education activities in area schools and public presentations. Astronomy Club co-advisor.

Favorite reading list:
Science books and magazines in Astronomy including Native American Archeoastronomy and Biology- including identification of local plants and Native American uses

Trollinger, D., S. Berry, W. Belser, and N. T. Keen. 1989. Cloning and characterization of a pectate lyase gene from Erwinia carotovora EC153. Mol. Plant-Microbe Interact. 2:17-25

Instructor of :
BIOL 150 General Biology Lecture and Lab
BIOL 151 General Biology Lecture and Lab
BIOL111 Concepts of Biology Lecture and Lab In-house and On-line
BIOL215 Genetics Lecture and Lab
BIOL202 Microbiology Lecture and Lab
ASTRO110 Introductory Astronomy Lecture and Lab