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WSC Forms

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HR & Payroll Business Office Faculty & Staff
W-4  WSC Policies and Procedures Onboarding Document (Orientation) 
I-9  Interdepartmental Billing Form WSC Constitution  
TIAA-CREF WSC Salary Reduction Agreement  Travel Request Instructional Division Policy & Procedure Manual 
Employee Direct Deposit Form  Purchasing Procedure Staff Handbook 
WSC Foundation Deduction Form  Travel Reimbursement Tuition Waiver 
Payroll Deduction Authorization  Request for Check Staff Professional Development App 
Payroll Time Sheet  Request for Purchase Staff Professional Development Guidelines 
Performance Evaluation Preliminary  How to check your Budget Status Faculty Development Application 
Performance Evaluation  Criminal Record check policy New Course Request 
Position Description Form  Incident report Course Change or Delete Form 
HR ConnectND Self-Service Manual  Purchase Order Instructions Code of Conduct 
WSC Alcohol and Other Drug Policy  Student Direct Deposit Computer and Network Usage Policy 
Personnel Change Form  Trial Balance Course Change/Delete Legend 
Payroll Adjustment Form  Transfer of Equipment Data Request Form 
Notification of Faculty Leave  Fraud Anonymous Report Hotline IT Fillable Request Form 
Notification of Staff Leave  WSC Invoice Field Trip Information 
  Accounts Receivable Process Program Change/Delete/Addition Form 
  Missing Receipt Form Faculty Self Assessment Form 
  Personal Vehicle Use Policy Faculty Observation Form  
  Student Absences - Instructor's ONLY