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Claim your N.D. University System ID

The North Dakota University System is currently moving toward a single user ID for all University System IT systems. This process will ultimately result in a unified IT system throughout the NDUS. These IT systems currently include, ConnectND (CampusSolutions, HRMS, HRMS - Self-service and Finance).

What you need to do

Students and  employees need to "claim" their University System ID. For most individuals, this NDUS identifier will be the same as their WSC electronic id. All users of PeopleSoft systems will need to be using their new User ID by February 12, 2010, when we will discontinue use of the old User IDs.

The claiming process should take less than 10 minutes.

Go to : Claim your NDUS System ID

How to activate your NDUS User ID:

Before you can use your NDUS User ID, you must activate or 'claim' your NDUS ID account. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Check if your account is already claimed. If you've already claimed your account, your NDUS User ID is active. You can follow this Have I claimed my account link to check if your account has already been claimed. Follow the on-screen instructions, by selecting 'Have I claimed my account?'.
  2. If your NDUS User ID hasn't been claimed, you can do so now. This can be done by following this Claim Your Account link and following the on-screen instructions. This step will take about 3-5 minutes.
  3. After your account has been claimed, you can use the account login credentials in any PeopleSoft system where you already have an account:
                                             Campus Solutions CampusConnection
                                             HRMS HRMS Self-Service
                                             Financials Financials

What is happening? 

 The User IDs of all students, staff, and faculty across the North Dakota University System (NDUS) will start to change to a single User ID system. This is part of the NDUS's strategic IT plan to:

  • Improve the integration of systems.
  • Provide a more consistent end user experience.
  • Begin to use a single set of credentials for all applications.

Initially, users will be able to use a single NDUS User ID to connect to our PeopleSoft applications (Campus Connection, HRMS and Financials). Over time, other campus and NDUS systems will begin to use this new, single User ID. Your campus will inform you when you will be able to use this User ID and password for other things like e-mail, Moodle, Blackboard, and network access.

How does this impact students?

Currently, a student's Campus Connection User ID looks like W1234567, but the same student's email ID might be sara.student. After the conversion, Sara Student will be able to log into Campus Connection and other systems, such as e-mail, using a single User ID of sara.student.

How were the User IDs created in PeopleSoft?

Your NDUS User ID was created by copying your existing PeopleSoft User ID (e.g., W1234567 was copied to create sara.student).

How to maintain your account and password:

Along with receiving the NDUS User ID, there's a new way to maintain this account. PeopleSoft will no longer be used to maintain passwords for this account.

    • If you need to change your password, follow this

    • Password Change link and log in with your NDUS User ID and password. Select the 'Change my Password' link.

    • If you need to update your Authentication Questions and Answers, follow this Password Change link and log in with your NDUS User ID and password. Select the 'Change my Authentication Questions and Answers' link.

    • If you forget your password, follow this Forgot My Password

    • link.


      If more help is needed, contact your local campus Help Desk at

      If you need assistance with claiming, passwords or account maintenance, contact the

      NDUS Help Desk
      Phone: (866) 457-6387
      Hours: 8:00am - Midnight, Monday-Sunday