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Employee Email Portal

Williston State College has moved all faculty and staff to a new emailing system with Microsoft Office365.


Post-Migration Update

  • As of 6 pm Saturday, September 22, the migration is complete.
  • So far, most trouble reports relate to mobile device configuration.
  • The most reliable solution for configuring mobile devices is to delete the existing e-mail profile and adding the new account. Step by step information is provided below.
  • Please note: if all else fails, your NDUS e-mail and calendar is accessible via the web at


Office 365 portal: 
Troubleshoot update and configuration issues for Office 365


Install Lync and run Office 365

1.     Go to the Office 365 portal.

2.     When prompted, sign in with your email and password.

3.     If you have Microsoft Outlook software installed on your computer and would like to setup Office365 to work in Outlook instead of using the website portal  look in the right pane; under Resources, click Downloads.

4.     On the Downloads page, under Install Microsoft Lync 2010, select a language, choose the 32-bit or 64-bit version, and then click Install.

5.     After the installation of Lync has finished, return to the Office 365 Downloads page.

6.     Under Set up and configure your Office desktop apps, click Set up. The Office 365 desktop setup tool starts.

7.     If prompted, sign in with your user name and password.

8.     Office 365 desktop setup will check your system configuration. If the scan completes without detecting any problems, you'll be presented with options to configure your desktop apps.
If a problem is detected, see Troubleshoot update and configuration issues for Office 365.

9.     Select the apps you want to configure, click Continue, review the service agreements, and then click I accept

to begin installing updates and configuring desktop apps.

***Note: Some of the apps may have shaded check boxes. This can occur if your account has not been set up to use those apps with Office365 or if your computer does not have the required apps already installed.

10.      After installation is finished, you may have to restart your computer to finalize the installation and configuration processes.


Windows Outlook Profiles

If you don't want to be prompted by Outlook to select a profile, follow these steps:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel > User Accounts > Mail.
  2. Click Show Profiles.
  3. Click Always use this profile, select the profile that the user wants to use when Outlook starts, and then click OK.

If you have an iPad or iPhone:

* To get this set up tap your Settings icon.
* Next tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button on the left side.
* Tap Add Account...
* Then Click Microsoft Exchange.
* Type in your email address in the email field.
* Leave the Domain field blank.
* Type your whole email in for your user name and then type in your password, tap Next.
* You will get a pop up saying there was was an error. This is ok, so click the ok button.
* Now put in for the server and tap the next button.
* Turn Mail, Contacts, and Calendars on and tap Next.
* You are now using Office365 on your iPad 

Blackberry Enterprise Data Plan

*request Blackberry services from WSC IT Dept first
**must have Enterprise Data Plan through phone provider

         1. Go to Setup
         2. Click Email Settings
         3. Go to Enterprise Accounts
        4. Setup new email account
        5. Email Address:
        6. Blackberry Activation Password: Provided by WSC IT Department
        7. Will tell you if it was successful, may take awhile to get all email, contacts & calendar to synchronize