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WSC Listservs

WSC Listserv Owners:

Ryan Molter  -student; staff and personnel, backup to all listservs

Cassy Waste  - faculty & instructional lists
Katie Peterson - Dual Credit lists
Kaylyn Bondy - AQIP Teams and miscellaneous
Michelle Remus - Executive Cabinet,  backup to all listservs

Click here to view a complete list of WSC listservs.

To request a new listserv, fill out the New Listserv Request Form, and attach it in an email to the WSC Help Desk.

PERSONNEL CHANGES: listservs, website, Microsoft Email Procedures

A.    Hiring a New Employee
·         Human Resources
o   identifies which listservs new employee is to be added to
o   submits new employee email request form to IT
·         IT
o   enters new employee into the system, creating an email address
o   sends email to listserv managers with new email address
o   notifies division to add employee to website
o   adds employee to Office365

·        Listserv Managers
o   Enter new employee into appropriate listservs
o   Consult HR if there are questions on which listservs

B.    Title Changes
·         HR
o   submits title change to Payroll for changes in PeopleSoft
o   submits email to Help desk for changes to Email/website
·          IT
o   updates Office365
o   notifies division for website update

C.     Employee Resignation
·         HR submits email to listserv managers with last day of employment
·         Listserv managers remove employee from his/her lists (select "remove from all") at the end of the last day
·         IT
o   disables email address after 30 days
o   place administrative hold on email account within 30 days
o   removes employee page from website within 30 days

D.    General Listserv Review/Update
·         Listserv Managers will request review of listserv membership by committee chairs
o   Provide chairs with 1) copy of current membership, 2) listserv change form, and 3) due date for changes to be submitted
o   Facilitate major reviews of listservs at the beginning of Fall and Spring Semester
*  August - before/during in-service
*  January - before/during in-service
*  May - week after commencement - Instructional Listservs Only
o   Notify division head when updates are not submitted by chairs

E.     Listserv Managers
·         Identified listserv managers:
o   IT- Ryan Molter (personnel, staff)
o   Instruction - Cassy Waste (instructional/academic)
o   Institutional Effectiveness - Kaylyn Bondy (AQIP/Institutional Effectiveness/leadership/misc)
o   HR - Michelle Remus will serve as the secondary manager for all WSC listservs

F.     Requesting a New Listserv