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Accomplishing Other Distinctive Objectives

CATEGORY 2, ACCOMPLISHING OTHER DISTINCTIVE OBJECTIVES, addresses the processes that contribute to achieving your institution's major goals other than educating your students. Distinctive Objectives are those that distinguish your institution from other colleges and universities, even if the performance of these processes does not currently make your institution distinguished. The Category also asks how you track and evaluate these processes to ensure they contribute directly to achieving your institution's mission.

Sponsor: Deanette Piesik
Chair: Kim Wenko
Advisor: Alissa Renner

Beau Anderson
Nicholas Attigah
Lenard Brewer
Kiyoma Carscallen
Monica Castillo
Yvonne Garrett
Billy Giles
Matthew Goodwin
Donna Grecco
Olivia Hove
Theresa Monson
Keith Olson
Gail Raasakka
Micheal Reuter
Martha Rocha Cordova
Mick Soiseth
Richard Stenberg
Jenny Wolf