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Building Collaborative Relationships

CATEGORY 9, BUILDING COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS, analyzes how your institution's current and potential relationships contribute to accomplishing your mission. Items in this Category examine your institution's processes and systems for building key internal and external collaborative relationships that align with institutional goals and directions. The Category investigates how you measure and analyze the effectiveness of these efforts, feeding your evaluation into your own processes for improvement.

Sponsor: Terry Olson
Chair: Shanna Curlin

Dr. Becky Brodell
Joyce Clock
Shawn Cote
Amanda Davis

Jodi Enno
Luanna Fisketjon
Jennie Granrud
Dennis Knudson

Liza McLean
Kyle Norris
Brittney O'neill
Rhoda Owens

Stacy Ribich
Dave Richter
James Slow
Aric Thorstad
Tanya Vaschal