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Measuring Effectiveness

CATEGORY 7, MEASURING EFFECTIVENESS, examines the systems your institution uses to collect and analyze information to manage itself and to drive performance improvement. Items in this Category ask you to examine your institution's systems for collecting, storing, managing, and using information and data at all institutional levels. Each of the other eight AQIP Category requires measures of the success of a set of related processes, but Category 7 asks how you track overall institutional performance in collecting the right data and distributing it to the right people at the right time. Thus this Category examines the effectiveness of your entire information system and assures it aligns with your institutional needs and directions.

During a review of the Institutional Effectiveness Process, we realized that the AQIP 7 & 8 team was duplicating the efforts of the Institutional Effectiveness Team; therefore, the Institutional Effectiveness Team will now serve as the AQIP team for categories 7 & 8 starting in August 2011.

Institutional Effectiveness Team