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Supporting Organizational Operations

CATEGORY 6, SUPPORTING INSTITUTIONAL OPERATIONS, examines a variety of key institutional support processes that help to provide an environment in which learning can thrive: the design, operation, and performance of your institution's processes and systems related to student support, administrative support, identification of needs, contribution to student learning, and accomplishing other institutional objectives. Items in this Category examine day-to-day operations, and how you use data, analyze results, and make improvements in these areas.

Sponsor: James Foertsch
Chair: Andrea Heller
Advisor: James Foertsch

Diane Anderson
Kay Anderson
Timothy Bishop
Beverly Conway
Holly Cummins

Teralee Jessop
Tyler Leisener
Lee Lyon
Tim Mayfield
Kim Olson
Elizabeth Redgrave
Trudie Rinehart
Marlene Sandaker
Wade Soiseth
Ed Strickland
Yaya Thimbo
Cassea Wiley