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Understanding Students' and Other Stakeholders Needs

CATEGORY 3, UNDERSTANDING STUDENTS' AND OTHER STAKEHOLDERS' NEEDS, examines what your institution does to understand the specific needs and requirements of the individuals and groups it serves. It analyzes how you identify and subcategorize your student and other stakeholder groups (e.g., employers, students' families, communities, etc.) to understand what they need and expect from your institution. The Category also looks at how you use the analysis of these results to continuously improve your operations.

Cabinet Sponsor: Heather Fink
Chair: Tara Weltikol
Advisor: Leah Windnagle

Kasey Anderson
Annie Carisma
Bonnie Finch
Steven Grunenwald
Crystal Hotchkiss
Tara Irgens
Lynne Raymond
Tami Solberg
Jim Stout
Monica Struck
Neil Westergaard