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Action Projects

AQIP requires that each institution actively pursue three-four quality improvement action projects. Williston State College has completed work on three  Action Projects and is beginning three new action projects.

Goals and AQIP Action Projects are assigned by the Executive Cabinet to an administrator(s) and/or a committee who has oversight responsibility for ensuring the goal is met according to the established timeline. Progress is reported annually. 

WSC utilizes the Institutional Effectiveness Committee to review current AQIP Action Projects and develop a list of prioritized future AQIP Action Projects that will assist the college in achieving the strategic goals.  As AQIP Action Projects are retired, new action projects are developed from this prioritized list.  Project updates are due to the Higher Learning Commission every September 15.

Once the overall strategic goals and AQIP Action Projects with performance indicators are set, departments determine how they will assist the college in meeting those goals and submit action plans for the year to their appropriate supervisor.

Active Action Projects Completed Action Projects Resources
2012 Establish an Institutional Scorecard to Measure Effectiveness  2010 Mission, Roles, and Goals for Campus Entities Action Project Directory 
2012 Evaluate and Improve Academic Advising update and review  2010 College Organization Declaring an Action Project at WSC 
2012 New Employee Orientation update and review  2010 System for Academic Program Reviews Updating an Action Project at WSC 
  2011 Program Advisory Committees Assessment Academy 
  2011 Employee Morale  
  2011 Course Assessment Tool  
  2011 Continuous Improvement in Student Services Division