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Mission, Vision, Values


Where the People Make the Difference


We are committed to student excellence. We embrace quality student experiences, open communication, and actionable data that enrich personal relationships among our college, faculty, and students.

We believe that people make the difference; that the college is the heart of the communities we serve; that our facilities are a needed, neutral, and central community space; and that our faculty and staff serve multiple and diverse needs in a global environment.

We strive for a strong student presence on-campus, expanded offerings, fiscal sustainability, modern facilities, current technologies, and continuous improvement as a result of both our master and strategic plans.


*Personal and Professional Growth

Approved by State Board of Higher Education, September 26, 2002.
SBHE Policy: Section 100.4 Mission and Vision of the North Dakota University System (3/30/2001)
SBHE Policy: Section 100.7 Institutional Mission Statements (3/30/2001)