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Institutional Effectiveness Team

The WSC Institutional Effectiveness Team acts as the Knowledge Experts for Williston State College. Their role:

1. Expert on an AQIP Category
2. Support action team with data and analysis as needed
3. Provide guidance on interrelationships between strategic plan and other quality initiatives and accreditation standards
4. Support constructive group process
5. Work with chair to plan for upcoming meetings
6. Support and guide chairs in preparing presentations to Executive Cabinet and Budget Team

Institutional Effectiveness Team

Sponsor: Kaylyn Bondy

1.       Matt Peterson
2.       Alissa Renner
3.       Leah Windnagle
4.       RitaAnn Deichert
5.       Kayla Retzer
6.       James Foertsch
7.       Kaylyn Bondy
8.       Kaylyn Bondy
9.       Shanna Curlin