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Team Members

Attend and participate in quarterly planning meetings to develop implementation plans as well as evaluate results for one or more strategic directions
Collaborate with other team members to:

  • generate and test ideas for ways to accomplish desired results;
  • identify data needed to support decision-making
  • evaluate action options;
  • create step-by-step action plans;
  • and identify budget implications of those plans.

Represent college community constituencies in implementation planning process
Participate in one-day retreat to review, share, and integrate action plans with all teams and College

Chair and Co-Chair

Facilitate team meetings
Participate as team-member
Official keeper of team records
Present update on team progress to the Executive Cabinet (November)
Present completed implementation plan to Executive Cabinet (December)
Participate in one-day fall retreat to review, share, and integrate action plans with all teams and College leadership
Represent Action Team on Budget Advisory Committee

  1. Review budget implications across all strategic directions
  2. Develop recommendations regarding priorities, resource use, and funding options

Monitor budget process and provide feedback to cabinet as they develop budgets

Institutional Effectiveness Advisor

  1. Expert on an AQIP Category.
  2. Support action team with data and analysis as needed
  3. Provide guidance on interrelationships between strategic plan and other quality initiatives and accreditation standards
  4. Support constructive group process
  5. Work with chair to plan for upcoming meetings
  6. Support and guide Chairs in preparing presentations to Executive Cabinet

Executive Cabinet Sponsor

  1. Advocacy for successful planning process and excellent outcomes
  2. Provide planning parameters and guidance as needed
  3. Collaborate with Budget Advisory Committee to determine final priorities and resource allocations
  4. Provide guidance on priority-setting given budget constraints
  5. Stay informed