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Instructional Division

    The Instructional Division of Williston State College is here to focus on the lifelong learning and continued education of all WSC students. The members of this division are here to assist student needs in learning and to ensure that all students have an excellent experience with enriching and engaging classes that prepare the student for transfer to a four year university to pursue a Bachelor's Degree, or to enter the workforce with a completed certificate. If you have any questions or comments regarding classes or requirements please contact any of the members listed below.



Wanda Meyer - Provost/VP for Instruction & Student Services

  Matthew Goodwin - Provost/VP for Instruction & Enrollment Services

Linda Tharp - Dean for Instructional Effectiveness and Curriculum

Audrey Lybbert- Instructional Program Assistant


Department Chairs

Distance Education/Learning Commons/Extended Learning



Lance Olson
Math and Science Chair


Monica Crane
Director of Learning Commons


Faculty Senate


Kim Weismann
Arts and Human Sciences Chair

Kari Rustand

Exec. Director for Extended Learning


Instructional Cabinet


Ken Quamme
Business Technology Chair

Faculty Ranking and Tenure


Bob Benson
Health Science


Curriculum Committee


Brian Rencher
Trades and Technology Chair


AQIP Committees 1-9