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Diversity Committee

The Williston State College Diversity Committee is made up of members of faculty, staff, and student representatives. The goal of the committee is promote cultural diversity and awareness in the classroom, campus, and community. The committee is responsible for many cultural activities around campus.

The committee also holds events on campus during different times of the year. They host an annual event on campus called "Taste of Cultures". For the event, members of faculty, staff and students all across campus bring foods from different cultures and offer tastings to anyone on campus. The event is always very successful and is met with great enthusiasm from participants.

The head of the committee is Kim Weismann who attends regular meetings with the NDUS diversity committee to report the campus progress and is the WSC Student Diversity Club Advisor. The WSC committee tries to hold a certain number of events each year, and has to set goals at their first meeting for that school year. If you would like to be on the committee or would like a copy of the minutes from a meeting please contact Kim Weismann at 701-774-4503 or 

Diversity Committee Membership

Chair: Kim Weismann

Tara Peterson

Wendy McGinley

Matthew Peterson

Amanda Davis

Tony Freed

Amy Armstrong