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Career Advising & Educational Planning

Team Members

Kaylyn Bondy Registrar/Director for Effectiveness
Heather Fink Executive Director for Enrollment Services
Colette James Counselor 
Katie Peterson* Coordinator for Career Pathways
Kari Rustand Executive Director for Extended Learning
Leon Walter Director for Distance Education

*Denotes Team Chair

 Year 2 Tasks

* Develop small group advising and career exploration workshops targeting specific pathways, areas of study, or transfer
* Continue development of Career Resources & Online Career Center
* Increase number of students and programs that use SEPs
* Continue development of student services to support online and dual credit students
* Expand use of career assessment tools to inform educational planning
* Conduct PSOL

For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Annie Carisma, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at or 701-774-4506.