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Faculty Development & High Impact Strategies

Team Members

Beau Anderson Coordinator/Instructor for Adult Farm Management 
Robert Benson Associate Professor of Health Careers
Lance Olson Associate Professor of Mathematics & Science
Ken Quamme Associate Professor of Information Technology
Linda Tharp* Dean for Instructional Effectiveness & Curriculum
Leon Walter Director for Distance Education
Kim Weismann Associate Professor of Communication & SLPA Site Program Coordinator

*Denotes Team Chair

Year 2 Tasks

* Confirm and communicate year two faculty development plan
* Implement comprehensive array of faculty and staff training opportunities
* Spring - pilots and faculty development continues
* Institutional Research assists with tracking of student success, outcomes presented to Steering Committee
* Finalize year three development plan
* Encourage faculty summer curriculum and strategies projects
* Assist with Summer Bridge as appropriate

 For more information about the Title III Strengthening Institution Program Grant at Williston State College please contact Annie Carisma, Strengthening Institution Program Manager at or 701-774-4506.