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Campus Details

The main campus at WSC is 80 acres bordered by 18th Street East, University Avenue, East Highland Drive and largely the East Dakota Parkway (East Bypass) outside of Williston, North Dakota. There is also a small parcel of land to the east of the bypass; a narrow strip of land that is not available for the expansion of campus. Approximately two-thirds (on the western portion of the 80 acres) is already occupied by the existing campus.

In July 2007, Williston State College purchased nine acres of land located in the Williston East Industrial Park (the southwest one-quarter of the southwest one-quarter of the northeast one-quarter of Section Nineteen in Township 154 North, Range 100 west of the Fifth Principal Meridian, Williams County) from the WSC Foundation to develop a hands-on oil field training program.

The City of Williston also approved a transfer of 2.12 acres located in the Williston Rail Industrial Park Subdivision (Lot 2 of Block 2) located adjacent to the nine acres contingent on the building of the Petroleum Safety and Technology Center. Many oil field companies have donated necessary equipment and services to develop the site.

As a matter of fact, over one million dollars in equipment and services have been donated to date. Two wells have been drilled on this property to use for hands-on oil field training.

Williston State College began leasing two apartment buildings in 2005, located a short distance north of the main campus area. These buildings were named Teton Heights North and Teton Heights South. In March 2008, the WSC Foundation purchased these properties. WSC has entered into a long-term lease agreement with the Foundation for these properties with the intention of the foundation to gift these to the campus after the lease timeframe has been met.

Other important influences bounding the college extremities are city residential areas (mostly to the south, west and north) and the Petroleum Safety and Technology Center (located in the industrial park on the east side of Williston beyond the main campus).