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Student Affairs Division

Mission:  Williston State College's Student Affairs Division fosters learning environments that engage and empower students to grow and develop. Through departmental collaboration, we are committed to providing a complete college experience that is student-centered and focused on meeting students' lifelong educational, career and personal goals. 

Kaylyn Bondy

Vice President of Student Affairs
Enrollment Management
Accreditation Liason Officer
Student Health Insurance

Leah Windnagle Heather Fink Crystal Hotchkiss
Enrollment Services
Dir. for Enrollment Services

International Admission
Hobson's Communications
Recruitment & Outreach

Student Financial Aid
Director for Student Financial Aid

Satisfactory Academic Progress
Federal Work Study
On Campus Student Employment
Federal Reporting and Compliance
Academic Records
Registrar, Research Analyst

Transfer Credit / Transcripts
Veteran Certifying Official




Brittney O'Neill Scott Bauer Chrissy Hollermann
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services Associate

Collaborative Student Contact
Early Entry Enrollment
General Enrollment
Student Financial Aid
Asst. Director for Student Finan. Aid

FAFSA applications
Verification Processing
Student Housing
Director for Residence Life

Housing Administration
Judicial Services
Dining Plans



Joan Cameron Tara Peterson Tate Knudsen
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services Associate

Visitor Services
Admission Applications
Student Life
Coordinator  for Student Life

Student Life Events
Student Organizations
Student Government / Teton Activity Board
Student Housing Head Resident- Frontier Hall

Resident Assistant Coordinator
Housing Security / Keys
Resident Conduct



Celeste Pace Leah Hoffman
Enrollment Services
Enrollment Services Associate

Admission Checklist
On-Campus Recruitment
Student Ambassador Program
Mental Health Counseling
Mental Health Counselor

Confidential consultation
Short-term intervention
Counseling referrals