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Health and Wellness

Nursing classroom

Students interested in careers in the health and wellness area may select from a variety of pathways:

Williston State College offers the following degrees and certificates:

Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

The Associate in Applied Science degree combines career-technical
coursework with general education coursework. In the career-technical
specialty field, the degree prepares students for jobs. The general education
area provides broader education than would be available in a certificate
or diploma program with at least 15 credit hours of general education
required, but typically does not meet the 36 credit hour General Education
Transfer Agreement (403.7) requirements. The A.A.S. requires a minimum of
62 semester credit hours, and it may designate a specific field of study.

Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.)

These associate degrees consist primarily of diverse, introductory-level
courses in general education and professional areas and require at least
62 semester credit hours. Required courses for the A.S. degree place
greater emphasis on the sciences than is true of the A.A. Both degrees
prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate programs and meet General
Education Transfer Agreement (403.7) requirements. They do not designate
a specific program or major.

Program Diploma

A program diploma represents completion of a prescribed program of two years or less in a career-technical field with some general education course work.

Program Certificate

A program certificate is a specialized course of study requiring at least 16 credit hours at the undergraduate level or 8 credit hours at the graduate level.

Certificate of Completion

A certificate awarded for the completion of:
1.A non-credit course of study, or
2.An undergraduate course of study of less than 16 credit hour  

 Program Reviews

Programs Offered Pathways Offered Through Transfer
Administrative Assistant Medical (CP)  Athletic Training (AA/AS) 
Health Information Management: Medical Billing/Coding (CP)  Corporate Fitness (AA/AS) 
Massage Therapy (AAS)  Health (AA/AS) 
Massage Therapy (CP)  Health Education (AA/AS) 
Mental Health/Addictions Technician (AAS)  Health Information Technology (AA/AS) 
Practical Nursing  Human Performance and Fitness (AA/AS) 
Associate Degree in Nursing: Applied Science (AAS)  Medical Technology: Clinical Laboratory Science (AA/AS) 
Speech Language Pathology Assistant (AAS)  Nursing: Associate in Science (AS) 
Mental Health/Addictions Technician (CP)  Outdoor Education (AA/AS) 
  Physical Education (AA/AS) 
  Recreation Management (AA/AS)