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Mental Health/Addictions Technician (CP)

The two-year associate degree program is designed to prepare students to work in entry-level positions in mental health or addictions facilities. Completers of the program may be employed in mental health centers, drug treatment centers, human service organizations, hospitals, and public and private residential treatment centers. Technicians will typically work under the supervision of social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, addiction counselors, and nurses.

The curriculum provides a background in psychology, sociology, related laws, and regulations and the core courses in mental health and addictions. The curriculum is designed to prepare students to assist in problem solving, crisis management, case management, medication monitoring, and living activities. The curriculum consists of theory courses and hands-on internships.

Students can complete a certificate program with one year of study, or an Associate in Applied Science Degree after completing a second year of additional study.

37 required program credits Minimum
30 required credits for Certificate


The students completing the program will be able to:

1. Communicate and interact effectively with healthcare team and the clients.

2. Utilize the knowledge and skills in the workplace.

3. Recognize the role diversity plays in individual, group, and family dynamics. Employment opportunities are projected to increase, however state and federal funding may influence the number of positions that will be available.


Admission to the MHA program is on a competitive basis. Applications are available in the spring of each year. The following criteria must be met to be considered for admission:

1. Admission to Williston State College

2. Minimum GPA of 2.25

3. Pass a drug test if required

4. Completion of program application packet

5. In the unlikely event there are insufficient numbers of qualified applicants to fill the available student slots, the college reserves the right to reduce the number of applicants accepted or to consider outstanding applicants who have not completely fulfilled all admission.


CSCI 101 Introduction to Computers - 3 CREDITS
ENGL 110 College Composition I - 3 CREDITS
MHA 201 Mental Health I - 4 CREDITS
MHA 205 Mental Health II - 4 CREDITS
MHA 210 Addictions I - 4 CREDITS
MHA 215 Addictions II - 4 CREDITS
MHA 220 Internship - 3 CREDITS
PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology - 3 CREDITS
PSYC 270 Abnormal Psychology - 3 CREDITS
SWK 200 Introduction to Helping Relationships -3 CREDITS
SWK 256 Introduction to Human Services - 3 CREDITS

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