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Math & Sciences

Math and Sciences classroom

Department Chair: Lance Olson and 701-774-4230

Students planning to complete degrees in the math and sciences may particularly benefit from the Associate in Science program (A.S.). This program provides a foundation in the sciences and skills gained are applicable in many different vocations. 

Associate in Science (A.S.)

This degrees consist primarily of diverse, introductory-level courses in general education and professional areas and require at least 62 semester credit hours. Required courses for the A.S. degree place greater emphasis on the sciences than the A.A. The Associate in Science degrees prepare students for transfer to baccalaureate programs and meets General Education Transfer Agreement (403.7) requirements. It does not designate a specific program or major.

Areas in Which You Can Further Your Study

After Completing an A.S. at WSC 

Biology Chemistry Chiropractic Computer Science
Dental Assisting Dental Hygiene Dentistry  Dietetics
Engineering Environmental Science Food and Nutrition Food and Science
Medicine Interdisciplinary Studies Mortuary Science Mathematics 
Occupational Therapy Optometry Pharmacy  Physical Science
Physics  Radiologic Technology  Veterenary Medicine