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ENGL 110     COLLEGE COMPOSITION I     (3 credits)
First course in sequence. Inventing, planning, drafting, writing, and revising different essay types or genres for a variety of audiences and in a variety of contexts. Close reading and analysis. Intro to finding and evaluating information. Collaborative invention and revision techniques.

ENGL 120     COLLEGE COMPOSITION II     (3 credits)
Prerequisite: ENGL 110 with a minimum grade of 'C'. Second course. Writing academic essays or other genres with clarity and accuracy after learning and practicing stages of writing. Close reading, analyses, appreciation. Finding, evaluating, integrating, acknowledging sources. Collaborative invention and revision techniques.

ENGL 125        INTRODUCTION TO PROFESSIONAL WRITING............................................................................................ 3

Prerequisite: ACT/COMPASS passing scores or satisfactory completion of ASC 087 or ENGL 110. Effectively communicating a particular message to a particular audience in a style and format consistent with the demands of a professional or technical setting

Guided practice of writing skills related to the imaginative uses of language.

Reading and discussion of representative samples of poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, and film, with emphasis on the use of common literary terminology. 

ENGL 222     INTRODUCTION TO POETRY     (3 credits)
This course provides an opportunity to develop an understanding of the skills of reading and writing poetry.

ENGL 225     INTRODUCTION TO FILM     (3 credits)
This course provides the opportunity for the study of filmed drama, especially motion pictures, as a literary form.


ENGL 238     CHILDREN'S LITERATURE     (3 credits)
This course will include the reading of texts suitable for reading by elementary school-age children and will emphasize analysis of characteristics of literature which determine age-appropriateness.

ENGL 261     AMERICAN LITERATURE I     (3 credits)
Examines representative readings in English written by Americans from the British Colonial Period until the Civil War.


ENGL 262     AMERICAN LITERATURE II     (3 credits)
Study of American writers and writing; begins with selected major works since the Civil War, continuing to the present.

A broad survey of Native American Literature, beginning with legends and tales from the oral tradition, and ending with contemporary literature written in English by and about Native Americans.

ENGL 299     SPECIAL TOPICS     (1-3 credits)

Prerequisite: Instructor's consent. Topics courses have varying areas of content, issues, or themes in American, British, or World literature and are typically taught only on occasion determined by faculty availability and student demand.