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Geographic Information Systems

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GIS 105     FUNDAMENTALS OF GIS     (3 credits)
An introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a tool for integrating and analyzing spatial data to visualize relationships, seek explanations, and develop solutions to problems. Emphasis is placed on the nature of geographic information, and the ways in which digital methods support geographic analysis and modeling. Course will be divided between lecture and lab sessions. This course is open to GIS and non-GIS majors. Introduction to Computers (CSCI 101) or a working knowledge of Microsoft Windows is required.

This course will provide an introduction to theory and hands-on experience in GIS techniques using ArcGIS software.  This course applies fundamental GIS concepts to creating, editing, and querying spatial data.  The course will include an introduction to map projections and coordinate systems; data capture; attribute tables; data manipulation, remote sensing, aerial and satellite imagery; using Global Position Systems (GPS) and transferring data to GIS; vector and raster data, and the basics of creating aesthetically pleasing maps and charts.  Students will analyze spatial relationships and make decisions from presented information through various geoprocessing techniques.  This course will include lab, field, and project work.

GIS 201     ADVANCED APPLICATIONS IN GIS     (3 credits)
An advanced hands-on applications course designed to extend GIS experience and knowledge an prepare students in becoming self-sufficient GIS technicians. The course follows a hands-on problem solving approach that integrates the interests and analytical needs of participating students. This class will be divided between lecture and lab sections.

GIS 299     SPECIAL TOPICS IN GIS     (3 credits)
Various topics in the area of geographic information systems and global positioning technology. The course can be repeated in accordance with specific department specifications.