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Physical Therapist Assistant Courses


PTA 101           INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICAL THERAPY     (2 credits)
Overview of the physical therapy profession and its place in health care.

PTA 121           TREATMENT ISSUES     (2 credits)
Introduction to clinical concepts including patient positioning, body mechanics, gait training, vital signs, wheelchair management, asepsis, safety, infection control and patient transfers.

PTA 130           PATHOLOGY FOR PTA     (3 credits)
Prerequisites: BIOL 220 & 221 & instructor's consent. Introduction to medical and pathological conditions commonly encountered in physical therapy.

PTA 140           THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE  I L/L     (3 credits)
Introduction to basic concepts of orthopedic management, review of tissue healing, gait and joint mobilization, and management of orthopedic conditions.

PTA 141           THERAPEUTIC EXERCISE II L/L     (3 credits)
This course will focus on the application of exercise theory learned in Therapeutic Exercise I to regional areas of the body. 

PTA 150           MODALITIES L/L     (4 credits)
Theory, principles, and technical skills of the application of heat, cold, light, electricity, electromagnetic, and sound waves in physical therapy.

PTA 151           MEDICAL RECORDS     (2 credits)
Documentation and record keeping in the physical therapy department, PTA responsibilities for documentation, legalities, and insurance issues.

PTA 190           FRESHMAN CLINICAL     (4 credits)
Students will spend 4 weeks in the clinic during the summer between their freshman and sophomore years.  Students will gain basic skills in patient interaction as well as applying basic exercise and modality skills.  For students transferring in as sophomores, this clinical will be completed during the summer following the completion of their didactic work, before PTA 251 & 252.   

PTA 240           ADVANCED TECHNIQUES L/L     (3 credits)
Theory and application of cardiopulmonary treatment, orthotics, prosthetics, wound care, pharmacology, myofascial release, and counterstrain are examined. Special treatment topics are investigated. 

PTA 241           ASSESSMENT     (1 credit)
Students will learn different functional evaluation tools to use in the clinic. Other selected topics will be presented. Students will spend time in the clinic setting observing and practicing skills.

PTA 249           PHYSICAL THERAPY CLINICAL     (3 credits)
A PTA student operated clinic to provide hands on clinical experience.  Clients will consist of students, faculty, staff and the public.  Conditions will be rehabbed as they present themselves and will be treated in the scope of a student Physical Therapist Assistant.

PTA 250           NEUROLOGICAL REHABILITATION L/L     (4 credits)
Theory of the developmental process is studied. Principles of neurological rehabilitation are explored.

PTA 251           FIELDWORK A     (5 credits)
Prerequisite: Completion of all didactic work for the PTA program.  240 hours of full-time experience (6 weeks at 40 hours per week) working with a clinical instructor applying the concepts and techniques learned in the classroom. This is the student's first full-time field experience. Students are placed in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada. S/U 

PTA 252           FIELDWORK B     (5 credits)
Prerequisite: PTA 251. 240 hours of full-time experience (6 weeks at 40 hours per week) working with a clinical instructor applying the concepts and techniques learned in the classroom. This is the student's second fulltime field experience. Students are place in numerous locations throughout the United States and Canada.  S/U

PTA 259           MUSCLES AND THEIR FUNCTIONS     (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  BIOL 220 L/L.  An advanced anatomy course focusing on muscles and their origins, insertions and actions.  Designed for students entering healthcare fields such as Physical Therapy, Physical Therapist Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Occupational Therapist Assistant, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, etc.

PTA 260           ADVANCED EXERCISE     (3 credits)
Theory and usage of advanced exercise protocols in the following areas: Geriatrics, vestibular dysfunction, cardiac, spine, pulmonary, isokinetics, plyometrics, resistance training, work hardening, aquatics, muscle energy technique, and Swiss ball.

PTA 261           EXERCISE APPLICATION     (2 credits)
An activity based course to teach PTA students proper exercise techniques and to experience various levels of difficulty with therapeutic exercise.  The students will also learn how to modify exercises based on a client's individual condition.

PTA 299           SPECIAL TOPICS     (1-4 credits) 
Prerequisite: Departmental Approval. Opportunity to do independent study in an area of physical therapy under the advisement and direction of a PTA instructor. Credit hours will be awarded based on the complexity of the project.