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Technology Courses

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TECH 103       Direct and Alt.Current Circuit Analysis     (4 Credits)
Fundamentals of direct current circuit and alternating current circuitoperations including a study of Ohm's and Kirchhoff's laws. Investigateseries, parallel and series/parallel resistive networks, transformers, circuitresonance, phasors, and capacitive/inductive circuit analysis techniques.Power distribution, metering, loading, and electricity for industry topics willbe introduced.

TECH 104       Industrial Safety     (2 Credits)
An overview course for petroleum and industrial workers of federal/stateregulations and guidelines which require OSHA certification safety training.Topics include the 29 CFR 1910, 1926 standards such as confined spaceentry, emergency action plans, lockout/tagout, as well as H2S respiratory,medic first aid, and other safety related topics. Completers will receiveOSHA-10 certification.

TECH 105       Digital Logic and Circuit Analysis     (4 Credits)
An entry level course in digital electronics to include analysis of numberingsystems, logic gates, Boolean algebra, combinational logic, clockingand timing circuits reinforced with laboratory exercises. Basic encoding,decoding, controlling, multiplexing and de-multiplexing will be covered.Troubleshooting techniques of various digital circuits using schematicdiagrams will be introduced.

TECH 143       Prog. Logic Controller Fundamentals (4 Credits)
An entry level course in industrial programmable logic controllersto include analysis of ladder logic diagrams, programming, Booleanoperations, timers, counters, and I/O interface reinforced with laboratoryexercises. Basic control applications and fail safe operations will be covered.Troubleshooting techniques of various programs and circuits usingschematic diagrams will be introduced .

TECH 200       Process Control & Instrumentation     (3 Credits)
An advanced course of study in the application, properties, function, andcontrol of an industrial process. Various processes will be analyzed includingliquid level, flow rate, and pressure. Troubleshooting, wiring, and schematicreading skills will be gained through hands-on experimentation. PID andPLC control concept will be covered. Open and closed loop processes willbe covered.

TECH 210       SCADA Fundamentals     (2 Credits)
An overview study of the various aspects of SCADA (Supervisory Controland Data Acquisition) found in industry including; equipment, systems,methods of communication, operations, security, and control techniques.The application of SCADA technologies in: the oil and gas industry, powergeneration and transmission grid, water and waste water treatment, andchemical processing industries will be investigated. Trends in SCADA will bediscussed.

TECH 220       Control System instal. and Troubleshooting     (4 Credits)
Various industrial process, electro-mechanical, and pneumatic systemcontrol; software and hardware installation protocols will be explored.Bringing a system up to specification and system testing of PLC basedcontrol applications. Troubleshoot systems using test equipment,schematics, diagrams, and manuals.

TECH 222       Networks and Wiring     (2 Credits)
An overview study of the various computer networks, protocols, systems,and communication/control techniques found in industry including;Ethernet, TCP/IP, Modbus, DeviceNet and others. Computers and PLCsystems will be interfaced and communication protocols followed toestablish control link. Students will also solder wires, build harnesses andmake physical connections via multi-wire cable, coax cable, and CAT5 cable switches, routers and other network hardware will be discussed.