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Technology Courses

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TECH 118        ORIENTATION     (1 credit)
Safety in the operation of hand and power tools; proper selection and use of fire extinguishers; safety procedures and rules stressed. Employee/worker right-to-know information will be discussed. Students will be developing small projects to use in the lab area.

TECH 120*        APPLIED WELDING     (1 credit)
Study and skill development of oxyacetylene welding (cutting, fusion, brazing); shielded metal arc welding of carbon steels in flat, vertical, overhead, horizontal positions; wire feed welding of carbon steels in various positions. 
*The Student Learning Outcomes have been submitted; however, they are currently in revision. Expected approval and publication is October 2012.

TECH 178        HEAVY DUTY AIR CONDITIONING     (2 credits)
Introduction to the theory and operation of air conditioning systems; practical application of theory and operation of air conditioning systems; safety in recovering, recycling, and handling of refrigerants stressed; special attention given to governmental regulations as to handling materials.