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Tourism Courses

TOUR 150        SURVEY OF THE MIDWEST      ( 3 credits)
A study of the interrelationships of the geography, history, and atmospheric conditions of Midwest America and its impact on tourism opportunities in the region.

 TOUR 210        PRINCIPLES OF INTERPRETATION     (3 credits)
An introduction to the theory and principles of interpretation and to the planning, development, and use of interpretive techniques and media.  Overview of the methods used to promote and communicate information about natural, historical, and cultural features of parks and recreation areas.

 TOUR 212        PRINCIPLES OF TOURISM     (3 credits)
An overview of the private sector of leisure services, including historical issues and current trends in commercial recreation, the resort and hospitality industry, and the travel and tourism industry.  The social, economic, and environmental consequences of tourism and commercial recreation are explored.

 TOUR 214        TOUR PLANNING AND PROMOTION     (3 credits)
Techniques and skills for planning, directing, and promoting tours including principles and practices of attracting and serving customers who desire to experience the outdoors.

 TOUR 216        RECREATION PROGRAMMING     (3 credits)
The development of programming skills for recreation programs in various settings including public, nonprofit, and commercial recreation enterprises.  The emphasis of the class will be on planning, implementing, and evaluating recreation programs.  Program areas (social, cultural, physical, mental, and special events) will be presented.