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Writing My Story

MY Story Class

Williston State College is offering a 3 credit class entitled, “Writing My Story.” The class can be audited or taken for credit.

Starts: Monday, January 10th, and will run from 6-8:50 pm, through Spring Semester.

ENGL 299 Writing My Story

"Tell me more about this class; will it be fun?"

“Yes, most of the semester we will be focusing on writing, as a process, not dealing with the grammar and punctuation, as much as just writing for the pure joy of it.”

“Why would I want to write down my life’s stories?”

“Where do I begin? There are many reasons. You should write your life story because you have valuable experiences to share, your family will cherish your “voice,” you will enjoy reliving the good memories, and writing about bad ones can be cathartic.”

“Will I write a whole book?”

“No, you will learn different techniques and will write stories using those techniques. You can use your memories to start your book though.”

“How do I find out more?”

Call 774-6234 to talk to Luanna Fisketjon