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Communication Disorders (AA/AS)

Associate in Arts (AA) or Associate in Science (AS)

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 Kim Weismann
 Kim Weismann 
Arts and Human Sciences Chair, Associate Professor


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    Degree Requirements

    16 credits completed in residence
    2.00 (C) grade point average
    62 total credits
    ASC 100-Freshman Seminar

    Associate in Arts (AA)
    General Education Requirements

    Associate in Science (AS)
    General Education Requirements

    A communication disorders curriculum provides a foundation in normal development, speech and hearing science, and communication processes. It is a pre-professional program for students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in speech-language pathology or audiology. It is recommended that students transfer to a four year program after one year at Williston State College. 

    The curriculum outlined below is based on most common baccalaureate program requirements.  Students may earn an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts at WSC, but must transfer to a baccalaureate campus to complete a Bachelor's degree in Communication Disorders.

    Suggested Courses                                                                          Credits

    BIOL 111
    MATH 210
    PSYC 111
    PSYC 250
    PSYC 270
    SOC 110
    SOC 235

    Concepts of Biology L/L
    Elementary Statistics
    Introduction to Psychology
    Developmental Psychology
    Abnormal Psychology
    Introduction to Sociology
    Cultural Diversity
    History Electives
    Humanities Electives


    Optional Courses                                                                             Credits

    ENGL 238

    Children's Literature


    The courses listed above are reflective of those most commonly required in preparation for transfer to another college or university. For specific baccalaureate degree requirements, students should consult the catalog of the campus to which they intend to transfer.