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Psychology (AA)

Associate in Arts (AA)

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 Lynne Raymond
 Lynne Raymond 
Assistant Professor of Psychology and Related Areas


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    Degree Requirements

    16 credits completed in residence
    2.00 (C) grade point average
    62 total credits
    ASC 100-Freshman Seminar

    Associate in Arts (AA)
    General Education Requirements

    Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes. Most psychologists have master's or doctorate degrees. Some of the various areas in psychology include clinical, developmental, experimental, physiological, and social. Individuals with a bachelor's degree may find jobs assisting psychologists, mental health, and human services professionals. They may also work in vocational rehabilitation offices and correctional programs or as research assistants. Other positions may be in areas that require extensive scientific knowledge and understanding of human behavior patterns in a variety of social settings.

    The curriculum outlined below is based on most common baccalaureate program requirements.  Students may earn an Associate's degree in Liberal Arts at WSC, but must transfer to a baccalaureate campus to complete a Bachelor's degree in Psychology.

    Suggested Courses Credits
    BIOL 111 Concepts of Biology L/L 4
    BIOL 150 General Biology I L/L 4
    COMM 212 Interpersonal Communication 3
    COMM 216 Intercultural Communication 3
    CSCI 289 Social Implications 2
    ENGL 265 Native American Literature 3
    HIST 220 North Dakota History 3
    HIST 223 History of Lewis & Clark Expedition 3
    MATH 210 Elementary Statistics 3
    PSYC 111 Introduction to Psychology 3
    PSYC 250 Developmental Psychology 3
    PSYC 270 Abnormal Psychology 3
    SOC 110 Introduction to Sociology 3
    SOC 220 Family 3
    SOC 235 Cultural Diversity 3
    SPAN 101 First Year Spanish I 4
    SPAN 102 First Year Spanish II 4
    SPAN 201 Second Year Spanish I 4
    SPAN 202 Second Year Spanish II 4
    History Course 3

    The courses listed above are reflective of those most commonly required in preparation for transfer to another college or university.  For specific baccalaureate degree requirements, students should consult the catalog of the campus to which they intend to transfer.