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Business Management (AAS)

The business world tends to be more structured, the purpose of which is to make the best use of available resources such as man, material, money and time in order to achieve the objective that is given.

Business management as a career at times seems to be a transferable skill that managers often take their expertise from one type of organization to another - from manufacturing to travel and tourism industry. Managers are decision makers. They set goals and policies as a business executive, manages well to direct others in sales, purchase, accounting, production and research.

For successful completion of this program, students must complete the core courses along with at least one of the six concentrations:

·          Management
·          Marketing
·          International Business
·          Information Technology
·          Sales
·          Recreation Management
·          Corporate Fitness

Business Management (AAS/CP) Fact Sheet

Degree Planning Worksheet - Business Management (AAS)

Core Courses                                                                    Credits

ACCT 200 Elements of Accounting I 3
ACCT 201  Elements of Accounting II 3
ASC 100  College Transitions/Strategies 1/2 to 1
BADM 201  Principles of Marketing 3
BADM 202  Principles of Management 3
BADM 203  Leadership Techniques 3
CSCI 101  Introduction to Computers 3
ECON 202  Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Wellness 2
One of the following: 3
COMM 212  Interpersonal Communication
COMM 217  Organizational Communication
One of the following: 3
COMM 110  Fundamentals of Public Speaking
ENGL 110  College Composition I
ENGL 125  Introduction to Professional Writing
One of the following: 3
MATH 103  College Algebra
MATH 210  Elementary Statistics
One of the following: 3
POLS 115  American Government
POLS 116  State & Local Government
One of the following: 3
PSYC 111  Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110  Introduction to Sociology
One of the following: 3
COMM 216  Intercultural Communication
SOC 115  Social Problems 
SOC 235  Cultural Diversity
One of the following: 3
PHIL 210  Ethics
PHIL 215  Contemporary Moral Issues