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Concentration: Information Technology

Are you the person that your friends and family come to when they need help with their computer? With the concentration in Information Technology you will be able to enter the industry with the skills to manage a network and hardware system for a business.

CIS 128  Microcomputer Hardware I
CIS 129  Microcomputer Hardware II
CIS 164  Fundamentals of Networking I
CIS 165  Fundamentals of Networking II
One of the following:
COMM 216  Intercultural Communication
COMM 217  Organizational Communication
CSCI 289  Social Implications of Computer Technology
ENTR 170  Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR 234  Customer Service
ENTR 236  E-Commerce and International Business
PSYC 111  Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 115  Social Problems 
SOC 235  Cultural Diversity