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Concentration: Management

Do you have the confidence to be the person that leads with knowledge and experience? With a concentration in management, you will be able to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to manage the productive aspects of a company. Through this program you will gain the knowledge to not only manage the company's workforce and gain insight into customer service, but also learn the financial and economic side of a business.

BADM 269   Business Ethics
COMM 212  Interpersonal Communication
COMM 217  Organizational Communication
ECON 201  Microeconomics
One of the following:
BADM 240   Sales
ENTR 170  Introduction to Entrepreneurship
ENTR 234  Customer Service
ENTR 236  E-Commerce and International Business
One of the following:
PSYC 111  Introduction to Psychology
SOC 110  Introduction to Sociology
SOC 115  Social Problems 
SOC 235  Cultural Diversity