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Diesel Technology (AAS/D)

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) or Diploma (D)

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 Brian Rencher
 Brian Rencher 
Associate Dean for Transportation, Energy and CTE


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Degree Requirements

16 credits completed in residence
2.00 (C) grade point average
62 total credits
ASC 100-Freshman Seminar

Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
General Education Requirements

General Education Requirements

The diesel technology program provides students the ability to effectively utilize current and upcoming technologies of complex diesel-powered equipment and related systems.

Degree Planning Worksheet - Diesel Technology (AAS)

Degree Planning Worksheet - Diesel Technology (Diploma)

Fact Sheet

Gainful Employment Disclosure - Diesel Technology

Suggested Courses     Credits
Semester I
DTEC 106 Intro to Diesel Engines 4
DTEC 107 Basic Electrical Systems
DETC 126 Intro/Fuel/Ignition Systems
Semester II
DTEC 127 Hydraulics/Pneumatic Systems 4
DTEC 136 Brakes Systems 5
DTEC 137 Suspension & Steering Systems 6
Semester III
DTEC 216 Advanced Electronic/Fuel Systems 4
DTEC 217 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Cooling Systems 5
DTEC 220 Drive Train Systems 6
Semester IV
DTEC 266 Shop Practices/Welding 4
DTEC 267 Diesel Engine Diag/Repair 5
DTEC 296 Maintenance Procedures 6
Suggested Electives Communication 3
Humanities or Social Science 6
Wellness/First Aid & CPR 1
Math 3
Computer Skills 2

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