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Interdisciplinary Studies (AAS/CP)

Associate of Applied Science and Certificate Program

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 Katie Peterson
 Katie Peterson 
Coordinator for Distance Learning


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    The Interdisciplinary Program is designed for students wishing to pursue a personalized Associate in Applied Science Degree, or Certificate Program.  The curriculum includes career-technical, general education/transfer, and topics courses.  Program requirements are flexible so as to help students establish their educational goals.

    The Interdisciplinary program falls within the mission of Williston State College by providing students with general and developmental education courses.  In addition, the program provides assistance in student development through career exploration, advisement, and diversity of course options.

    Successful completion of the program involves the following listed requirements:

    Associate in Applied Science (AAS)
    62 Credits

    General Education Requirements:
    Students are required to take 1 class from each of the following 5 areas:
         - Communications
         - Math, Science or Computer Science
         - Humanities or Social Science
         - Wellness
         - College Strategies or College Transitions

    Program Requirements:
    1 or more credits of COOP 197
    Capstone (1 Credit) (completed during final semester)
    Remaining credits should be chosen based on student's career goals and be approved by the program team.  Student can earn up to 15 credits for approved credit for prior learning.

    Certificate Program
    16 Credits

    General Education Requirements:
    5 Credits (including one of the following COMM classes)
    COMM 110  Fundamentals of Public Speaking
    COMM 216  Intercultural Communications
    COMM 212  Interpersonsal Communications

    Program Requirements:
    COOP 197 1 Credit
    Capstone (1 Credit) (suggested but optional course completed during final semester)
    9 remaining credits should be chosen based on the students' career goals and be approved by the program team.