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Petroleum Production Technology: Lease Operator (AAS)

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)


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    Degree Requirements

    16 credits in residence
    2.00 (C) grade point average
    63 total credits

    Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
    General Education Requirements

    The Lease Operator program is designed to provide technically oriented entry-level employees with the basic knowledge and skills of production processes and equipment operation required to efficiently and safely monitor, trouble shoot, and operate oil and natural gas wells in their area of responsibility. It is designed to develop technical knowledge regarding oil and gas operations, and prepare students to develop careers as technicians in the petroleum industry. The Lease Operator Program offers the core courses related to oil and gas processing that prepares you for a career as a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible operator. Monitoring and maintaining well-sites is one of their primary responsibilities.

    Degree Planning Worksheet: Petroleum Production Technology (AAS) 

    Suggested Courses                                                                          Credits

    COOP 197
    OSEH 120
    PROP 201
    PTLO 101
    PTLO 102
    PTLO 103
    PTLO 104
    PTLO 201
    PTLO 202
    PTLO 203
    PTSR 100
    PTSR 120
    ENTR 112
    ENTR 126
    ENTR 127

    Cooperative Education/Internship
    Safety, Health & Environment
    Process Equipment
    Production Field Technology
    Wellhead Operation and Design
    Introduction to Wireline
    Basic Field Measurement and Gauging
    Oil and Gas Pump Technology
    Surface Production Equipment
    Preventative Maintenance & Trbleshooting
    Introduction to Petroleum Technology
    Petroleum Technology 1: Equipment
    Print Reading
    Instrumentation and Controls
    Electrical Fundamentals


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