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Health & Wellness Outcomes

Click on a program or course group to view the Student Learning Outcomes that were approved in 2012 as part of the Assessment Academy Project.

Program Reviews & Curriculum Maps Program Outcomes Course Outcomes
HIM Curriculum Map   Health Information Managment  Allied Health  
Massage Therapy Curriculum Map   Massage Therapy  Communication Disorders  
Nursing PN Curriculum Map   Nursing (CP) Health, Physical Education and Recreation  
Nursing ADN Curriculum Map   Nursing (AAS) Massage Therapy  
SLPA Curriculum Map   Mental Health/Addictions Technician  Mental Health and Addiction Studies  
Allied Health Program Update 2014  Speech Language Pathology Assistant  Nursing  
Allied Health Review Team Form 2014   Nutrition  
Massage Therapy Program Update 2014  Pharmacology  
Massage Therapy Review Team Form 2014   Social Work  
Mental Health/Addictions Tech Program Update 2014   
Mental Health/Addictions Tech Review Team Form 2014   
Nursing Program Update 2014    
Nursing Program Review Team Form 2014   
SLPA Program Update 2014    
SLPA Review Team Form 2014    
HIM/Medical Coding Program Review 2013    
Mental Health/Addictions Tech Program Review 2013   
Nursing Program Review 2013    
SLPA Program Review 2013    
Allied Health Program Update 2012    
HPER Program Update 2012   
Massage Therapy Program Review 2012   
Massage Therapy Review Team Form 2012   
Mental Health/Addictions Tech Program Update 2012    
Nursing Program Update 2012    
SLPA Program Update 2012    
SLPA Review Team Form 2012