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Academic Advising

Why Academic Advising?
Academic advising is a key part of academic success. Each and every student who is admitted to WSC is assigned an advisor based on their program or admittance type. WSC requires that all students visit with an advisor each semester before registering for courses. This is why you see an advisor hold on your account.

What Does my Advisor Do?
Advisors are responsible with assisting student in choosing their courses each semester, creating and updating their Student Education Plan (degree guide) and providing access to registration guides. Advisors have access to student's contact information and WSC transcripts. Advisors DO NOT have access to student financial information.

Who is My Advisor?
To determine who your advisor is please login to your campus connection account. On the home screen in the right hand side of the screen is a box that says Advisor.  Click here for contact information for your advisor. 

Registering for Courses
Once you are admitted to WSC and each semester after you will need to contact your advisor and set up a time to meet in person or via technology to choose your courses and update your student education plan, or if you are a new student you can choose to attend prescheduled registration days on campus. Click here to find out more information regarding registration days.

Course Registration Resources
A student registration guide has been created to assist students in navigating the registration process as well provide access to supports and services on campus.  Please click the following link to access the: Student Registration Guide.
Students looking for course information, current programs and courses offered should access the Catalog and Course schedule page. Click here to access this page.

Student Education Plans (SEPs)

Student Education Plans are designed to be used by you and your advisors to help guide you toward degree goals. Each degree offered by WSC has its own SEP plan.  Please use the links below to access the plan specific to your degree goals. If you have questions regarding what each degree type means, please visit with your advisor.


Liberal Arts - Transfer AA


Liberal Arts - Transfer AS



Agriculture Business & Industry

Business Management

Information Technology

Massage Therapy


Petroleum Production Technology

Speech Language Pathology Paraprofessional

Transportation Technician Technology



Automation & Control

Heavy Duty Vehicle Technician

Lease Operator

Massage Therapy

Medical Coding - Please refer to the Catalog for additional information.




Automation & Control

Basic Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance

Heavy Duty Vehicle Systems

Lease Operator