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Transferring to WSC



As an incoming transfer student, you will want to know how your previous college courses fit with WSC's requirements and what courses you need to graduate. College-level coursework from regionally accredited colleges or universities (or equivalent for international institutions) is eligible for acceptance in transfer. Credit for a remedial course is not accepted for transfer if the course is remedial by definition of the transferring institution or if it is equivalent to a remedial course at WSC. It may, however, fulfill prerequisite requirements.

Upon acceptance to WSC, and once your official transcripts are received, your transcripts will be forwarded to the Records Office for official evaluation. Official transfer of credit evaluation is completed in the Records Office. You can expect the evaluation process to take up to three weeks.   Please meet with your advisor for additional course transferability information.

After your courses are evaluated, you may view the results on your CampusConnection Transfer Credit Report or Unofficial Transcript

For further information contact the Records Office at or at (701) 774-4267.