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What Employers Want

Knowing what employers are looking for and striving to meet these expectations will go a long way in helping you land the career of your dreams.   

Top 10 Values Employers Look for in Employees

 Here is a List of the Top 10 Values Employers Look for in Employees.

1. Strong Work Ethic

2. Dependability and Responsibility

3. Possessing a Positive Attitude.

4. Adaptability

5. Honesty and Integrity

6. Self - Motivated

7. Motivated to Grow & Learn

8. Strong Self - Confidence

9. Professionalism

10. Loyalty


Reasons People Don't Get Hired

• They did not dress appropriately for the interview.

• Lack of interest and enthusiasm for the position.

• They did not have a long-term purpose, goal, or career plan.

• The "I just need a job" mentality.

• A focus on salary or benefits during the interview.

• Not willing to start at the bottom of the agency.

• Negativity expressed towards previous employers or instructors.

• Poor eye contact, extreme nervousness, or lack of confidence during the interview.

• Arriving late for the interview or not following up with requested information in a timely manner.

• Vague responses to questions or an inability to express information clearly.

• Information received from references was negative.

• An overly aggressive applicant.

• An email address, voice mail message, or a social media page that contains inappropriate content.