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Disability Support Services

Coordinator: Laurel Kaae
Phone: 701-774-4221      

What is Disability Support Services?
Disability Services (DS) assists both students with disabilities, and faculty and staff working with students with disabilities by providing the following:

Provide academic support services through reasonable and appropriate accommodations for eligible students with documented disabilities; the accommodations are free of charge.

Refer eligible students with disabilities to academic support services, and encourage self-advocacy for students with disabilities.

Make referrals to outside agencies when appropriate.

Disabilities are often identified as one of the following:
Learning                                  Qualifying health impairments
Psychological                          Other cognitive impairments

How do students receive services with Disability Support Services?
To receive services with the Disability Support Services:
• A student must initiate contact with the DSS office to self-disclose his or her disability, Fill out the Application Packet (see below), and provide documentation of disability from a qualified professional.  
· Request accommodations through the DSS office

• Discuss accommodations recommendations with their instructors in a private setting

** The intent of the ADA law is to level the playing field for students with disabilities. The law was never designed to guarantee success for the students with accommodations, only better access. The ADA is a civil rights act, not an entitlement program. **

NOTE: Disability Documentation is maintained in the Disability Services office as confidential information and is not available to faculty or staff outside this office without written authorization from the student.

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