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Video #10 – Quizzes Tests Exams

·      Despite their many interchangeable names, Moodle calls them quizzes.

·      To start a quiz, click the link to it in your Moodle course.

·      If the quiz start date has arrived, click the attempt quiz now button to begin then click start attempt from the prompt window that appears.

·      On the left you'll see the quiz navigation. This shows the amounts of questions and if you have answered the questions or not. If a quiz has a time limit it will show as a countdown timer.

·      The middle part of the screen shows the questions. Question types can vary so be aware of that.

·      Scroll through the questions and the pages and make sure you have answered every question. Once you are done you can click either the finish attempt link under the quiz navigation or the next button at the bottom of the quiz.

·      Click the save all and finish button to finish your quiz and send it for grading.