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Video #6 – Blocks on the left

·      Activities: The activities block on the left side of each course shows the icons associated with content in Moodle. Familiarized yourself with these, as you'll see them in each course you're taking online. You can also click the link for each activity in this block to see all assignments, quizzes, etc. on one page.

·      Grades: In the settings block, you'll see grades. This is your grade book for the course and you'll be able to see what you've earned for assignments, quizzes, your current course total, etc. Each instructor grades differently, so be sure to read your course syllabus to understand how grading works for each course.

·      Tegrity: Tegrity is used to record videos for your course. These can range from an entire class period being recording to specialized lectures on a certain topic. As a student, you are allowed to view these by clicking the Tegrity logo within the Tegrity block in your courses. When you are asked to log in, use your Moodle credentials.