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Video #8 – Assignment Dropboxes

·      If you see the assignment icon (from video #6 activities), you know that you'll have to submit an assignment to be graded. To do this, click on the assignment link in your course and read the directions outline by your instructor.

·      Create your assignment as the instructor intends (Word, Power Point, Excel, for example) and save it somewhere on your computer

·      Back in Moodle on the assignment screen, locate the upload a file button and click it

·      Click choose a file... and a new window will open up

·      On this new window, choose upload a file and then browse

·      Locate the assignment you have on your computer, double click it, then click upload this file

·      The pop up window will close and your file will appear in a blue box. Click save changes and you'll have submitted your assignment for grading.